800 love letters wine
Pentawards 2013银奖作品

星座国际集团旗下品牌“800 love letters wine”酒标以艺术浪漫的插画表现形式,通过浪漫的场景将动人的情感进展与情书串联起来,生动的展现出主人翁浪漫温情的爱情故事,酒标采用360°围贴瓶身的形式,将丰富的故事情节,图文并茂的展示出来,传递出强烈的幸福感,并与消费者产生情感上的共鸣。

The logo is to the art of romantic illustration, the romantic scene ties the moving emotion and the love letter together, showing the romantic warmth of love story. The logo labels around the bottle to show the story in text and pictures, display a strong happiness and resonates with the consumers.

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